Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Brock's Details

Name: Brock James Oliver (middle name after is Grandpa Sorenson)
Weight: 5lbs 13oz (little squirt!)
Length: 19 in.

Well to let everyone know the process. Angie was induced around 7pm Saturday evening. She was tough as nails! She lasted 4 hours before asking for the epideral. But as the doctor was trying to giver her the shot she yelled out, "i need to push. He is right there!!" So the nurse told the doctor to not give the shot and let her turn over and push. Well he didnt listen and did it anyways. He told us it would take 15-20 min to take affect. Well 10 min later we were holding brock in our arms! So needless to say Angie still went all natrual for the birth and had a nice Pain killer for after the birth lol. But all in all everything went well!

We got home last night (june 23, 2008). and Brock did awesome! He wanted to be held the whole night. But Angie wasnt complaining. :-) He only cries when he needs food or diaper change, and right after he is peacefull. So far he is a really good baby!! Ill have Angie post more details later. Im sure im missing some important things. Cya Later

Brock James Oliver

Here are some pics of our new addition.